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Sigsbee at New York Navy Yard Feb. 1943.  Photo donated by Dave Schroeder

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Havannah Harbor, Efate, New Hebrides Nov. 1943. Photo donated by Dave Schroeder via Ted Stone collection.

More damaged Sigsbee photos:

 May 1945 photo shows damaged 502 in ARD-26 dry dock at Guam. Photo courtesy of Charles Snyder collection.

Lt. Milton Morgan in photo while Sigsbee was being towed to Guam. Snyder collection. 


Photo taken Dec 8, 1945 pier 88 Charleston Navy Yard, South Carolina

New stern on the 502 had two twin 20mm guns. USS Stack DD-406 in background. Photo courtesy Charles Snyder collection.

Photo from Sigsbee 1945 looking at the new Lexington. Snyder collection.


Sigsbee in mothballs 1974 Philadelphia Navy Yard with Cotten DD-669, Sigourney DD-643, and Abbott DD-629.   Unfortunately she was soon to be sold for scrap. One thing is certain, this "small ship", this "tin can", this "greyhound of the sea", will live in the hearts and minds of her crew forever.

Photo donated by John Chiquoine & Dave Schroeder Aug. 2001. Photo taken by Paul Stillwell for the Naval Institute.

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"Fletcher" Facts

The USS SIGSBEE was a Fletcher class destroyer. One-hundred seventy-five Fletcher class destroyers were commissioned from June 1942 through September 1944. During this era, no other class of destroyer had more ships built. Though built with the Pacific in mind, Fletchers also served in the Atlantic theater. Nineteen Fletchers were lost during World War II.

USS FLETCHER (DD445) was the first numbered Fletcher, although the USS NICHOLAS (DD449) was the first ship commissioned on June 4, 1942. The last ship built was the USS ROOKS (DD804) which was commissioned September 2, 1944.


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