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Photos by Paul Michelson

The Chung-Hoon family hosted a reception on Thurs. evening Sept.16th at the  Kahala Mandarin Hotel.  Sitting L to R: Robert St. Claire (nephew of the Admiral), Faith St. Claire (Roberts wife), Harold Chung-Hoon (brother of the Admiral, father of Punana), Barbara Nobriga (wife of Edwin), Edwin Nobriga (grandnephew  and son of Barbara), Wallie Nobriga (wife of Edwin).  Standing L to R: Aaron Fuller (non-family; of CSC, co-host of the reception), Gordon H. Nobriga (grandnephew), Betty King Chung-Hoon (wife of Harold, mother of Punana, grandmother of Asti), Edwin Nobriga (behind Betty; nephew of the Admiral), Commander Williams, Nancy King Holt (cousin of Punana), Michelle Punana Chung-Hoon (niece of the Admiral), Asti Punana Sorge' (grandniece daughter of Punana), Jeff Bloom (non-family; of CTA, co-host of reception).

USS Sigsbee sailors in attendance: Seated L to R: Elmer Virag, Ralph Pisano, Bill Twomey, Chuck Edwards, A.J. Politz, A.J. Pohl, Sam Leidy, Betty King.  Standing L to R: Edwin Nobriga Jr., Edwin Nobriga (behind Edwin Jr.), Aaron Fuller, Gordon H. Nobriga (behind Fuller), Lyle Buss, Paul Bagin, Hank Elizagaray, Commander Williams, Asti Punana Sorge', Robert St. Clair, Clinton Hay (in front of  Mr.St. Clair), Wes George, Louis Judice, Punana Chung-Hoon, (behind Punana), Marvin Green, Harold Chung-Hoon, Jeff Bloom, Barbara Nobriga.


Left photo: Punana Chung-Hoon and Aaron Fuller of Computer Sciences Corp. received a gift from Sigsbee sailor A.J. Pohl (his print of artist Peter Hsu's landscape drawing that was requested by Capt. Dave Lewis, AEGIS Destroyer Shipbuilding Manager Pascagoula, Ms. for the Christening).  Right photo: Peter Hsu and Punana, with his portait drawing of  RADM Chung-Hoon and two ships (Sigsbee & Chung-Hoon). This work was requested by Secretary of the Navy Danzig for use during the ship naming press conference in San Francisco.


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